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Create your own Smartphone websiteA few simple steps. Anyone can do it!

Create your own mobile phone website in a few easy steps. Without scraping your current website for content, and potentially damaging your Google rankings, Mobile Machine makes it easy for you to create a unique standalone smartphone website.

Easy to do, and amazingly quick, you can have a mobile phone website today!

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Only pay after you have created your site



What can I save?

Line rental:

A business line will cost you about $34.95 upwards, each

Wink If your replace a line with VoIP then thats $9.50 per month, $305 less per year!

Wink If you have 4 landlines with telstra, you could save $1200 per year, just on line rental!

Call costs:

If you make 20 local, std and mobile calls each per week from your landline that could cost you $58.40 per month

Wink If you replace a line with VoIP then could be $29.60 per month, $305 less per year!, $345 less per year!

Wink If you have 4 landlines with telstra, you could save $1380 per year, just on calls!


Laughing $2580 per year .... why wait?


Living in Hervey Bay but need phone contact with the state, country and worldwide?

An ePBX enables you to take a handset home, connect it to your exsisting internet connection and receive calls to your office ePBX at home

prefect for:

Call centers, recruiters, mum's working from home, After hours service calls, Weekend duty, Semi retired staff



What is VoIP

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology that allows you to connect your normal phone or phone system to a full telephone service via your internet connection.

Using VoIP for your telephone needs can have several different advantages:

1) You can add  more lines with out paying Telstra more.

2) You can reduce the number of "lines" you are currently paying Telstra.

3) You can add an interstate number to your existing system, a local number for your sydney clients to call.

4) Your telephone number can become mobile, the VoIP number is active where the VoIP box is connected.

5) Calls between branch offices can be free if VoIP from the same provider is used in the locations.


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